Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Dear Dr. W. -I need a bed

I need a bed. Just about any old bed would do so long as it's not too soft and not to hard, not feather mattress and not lumpy. I can't have one that's too small because I move around a lot, but make sure it's not too big either or I might get lost in it and not be able to find my way back home again.

Ward A is too close to the beginning so don't put me in there. Ward D is too far on the end so I don't think I'd be comfortable there either. But place me anywhere you'd like to, of course.

I'm wondering what kind of food you have there. Grits are definitely out! But porridge would be ok so long as it's not to hot or too cold, not lumpy and not too sweet.

I just need some time to get away from my mother and thought this might be a good place to do it. She's so annoying! She thinks I'm way too picky and can never make up my mind. But what does she know! She's a good mom. She's not fat and not too thin. She's not tremendously bright but she's not stupid either. She's just annoying! She's been complaining about my friends lately. Thinks its not a good idea that I hang around with the Bears.

You got a bed for me?



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