Saturday, April 20, 2013

It Truely is The World, Not Me

After this week full of horrible news I'm thinking Sunnydale needs expansion,  LOTS of expansion.  There's certainly a lot of kooks out there!    Not like those of us who are a bit crackers on Ward C, but totally-wacked-out-padded-cell-needing-psychos---forget it.  Sunnydale is too good for them.

God help us all!

Patient in Bed 3
Ward C
Sunnydale Funnyfarm

Thursday, January 31, 2013

This Is How We Stop Accusations of Racism Now!

I have the solution!  It's simple.   We take the dictionary and divide the words up between blacks and white and browns and reds; between Catholics and Protestants, Mormans and Muslims and don't forget the atheists!  Between male and female,  Southerners and Yanks, Rednecks and Hippies and any other groups that feel they are important and separate. 

Once the words are all divided up then you use only the words picked by your special little group and then no one can claim they've been offended!

Of course then no one may be able to hold any kind of reasonable conversation due to the limitations of their words... but that's ok.   At least then we will all know for sure what words are off limits to your own special privileged little group.  Huh?

It's gotta be more sane then the way things are going now.

Patient in Bed 3
Ward C
Sunnydale Funnyfarm

Thursday, November 01, 2012

Is It Real? Or Is It Their Reality?

I was sitting there outside today when a thought hit me. I tried ducking but not far enough, apparently.

What if all this virtual reality stuff has an ulterior purpose?  For instance... what if they want to get us used to seeing weird and disgusting things?  After a while we no longer ask "is that real or is that CGI?"  At first we think everything is real---but then after a while don't we start assuming it's got to be some kind of faked thing?

First it was sci-fi influence with high tech gadgets, space aliens and weird atmosphere on strange planets where everyone is always smarter and wiser than us mere humans.  Then it was explosions and secret agents and images of sneaky warfare.  Now it's zombies with half eaten away faces and 'all gone' look in the eyes.


Wait a minute!  Was it in some movie I saw that yesterday?  Or was that on the news??

Afterall it is both Halloween and election season...

Patient in Bed 3
Ward C

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