Monday, July 31, 2006

Online Help For Getting into Sunnydale

I found that many of our new wardmates are getting coached from this website link ( ) on how to be accepted into our Funnyfarm. I'm beginning to wonder if half the wardmates here actually belong here at all or if they just wanted a nice clean bed and the company of Brunhilda and Duck. I'll have to check into this further I believe...

Dr. W

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Goldielocks -couch session

Dear Goldielocks,

I can see why you need a bed. You seem to be suffering from extreme pickieitis. I could bearly tell that you have a hate-my-mother complex and am wondering if that's why you've taken to pilfering mutiple sized beds.

As for the grits versus porriage I'd be surprised that you'd actually recognize the difference most mornings.

I'm wondering why you don't mention your papa. But there's time to explore that later after you spend a bit of time with Alfrado down in the therapy room.

Meanwhile I'll arrange a bed for you on a suitable ward. Please check in all sharp objects and medications, including the acne cream please. I'll have Brunhilda bring you two lollipops and see you in the morning.

Dr. W

PS. What did you do to Teddy?

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Dear Dr. W. -I need a bed

I need a bed. Just about any old bed would do so long as it's not too soft and not to hard, not feather mattress and not lumpy. I can't have one that's too small because I move around a lot, but make sure it's not too big either or I might get lost in it and not be able to find my way back home again.

Ward A is too close to the beginning so don't put me in there. Ward D is too far on the end so I don't think I'd be comfortable there either. But place me anywhere you'd like to, of course.

I'm wondering what kind of food you have there. Grits are definitely out! But porridge would be ok so long as it's not to hot or too cold, not lumpy and not too sweet.

I just need some time to get away from my mother and thought this might be a good place to do it. She's so annoying! She thinks I'm way too picky and can never make up my mind. But what does she know! She's a good mom. She's not fat and not too thin. She's not tremendously bright but she's not stupid either. She's just annoying! She's been complaining about my friends lately. Thinks its not a good idea that I hang around with the Bears.

You got a bed for me?


Sunday, July 09, 2006

Down On The Farm - Cast of characters

I'd like to introduce you to our partial cast of characters:

Dr. Wolfgang Wisenheimer - Chief of Staff, Head Shrink, Therapist extradorinare!

Nurse Brunhilda Bruns - Head Nurse. She takes no guff!

Duckie Duck - sometimes called Quackers, Dr. W's trusty sidekick and friend. Rarely speaks but when he does it's astounding!

Adnil Snrub - The patient in Ward C, Bed 4. Been there a while and is right at home here.

Henrietta Macklebaney - middle aged lady who's lost her track...

Lucianna Pucciano- Was a magazine editor/writer. I guess you could say she is our Martha Stewart ? - but she's fashion all the way...

George - the janitor who sometimes doubles as the therapy assistant, depending on the therapy...

Melony Conrad Minton- She's got delusions of grandeur and thinks she will be queen.

Sally June - the patient in Ward C, Bed 8

Rita Koolaid - the patient in Ward C, Bed 2. She's got CFS but 'they say' she's manic-depressive aka bi-polar...

Zona - that patient in Ward C, bed 3 who badly needs a theraputic vacation from all the madness out there!

---and many more patients from the Wards! ....

... one of them could be YOU !

If you'd like to report your latest therapy treatment, share a tale about your wardmate or two, tell us why you needed some time in the Funnyfarm... post it in the comment section, or email it to me and you might just see it published here on the blog!

Interactive Bloggin' ! How about that?

Zona- Ward C Bed 3
reporting from Sunnydale Funnyfarm
for Dr. W. Wisenheimer

"keep on truckin'"

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Welcome to Sunnydale Funny Farm! It's a beautiful day and we're all so anxious to greet you. Dr W, Brunhilda, the patients in Wards A, B, C & D, the cook, the baker and the candlestick maker. And of course, Quackers the Duck.

Read of the adventures of our wonderful Wardmates. Hear advice given by our estute Dr. W himself. And don't be surprised if these ward mates don't try pulling a fast one behind the back of that uptight, old nurse of ours! Join in on the fun and don't forget to post a comment or three.

See ya soon!

Zona- the patient in Bed 3, Ward C