Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Are They Nuts?

I'm going crazy here, but really it's "them" who are nuts! You know what they want? They want Universal Health Care! I tell you it's just downright lunacy.

But I guess they really don't have a clue. So maybe I should give them one?

Ok so here's a clue. Up in the Great White North, land of the perputual hippy, you'll find exactly what I'm talking about, the reasons why I know that this just ain't the way to go. Here's the straight scoop of it, and it isn't rocket science really. It's a plain simple mathmatical formula that goes like this:

Everyone PAYS into a government run, controlled, insurance pool. Now this isn't a choice, this you have to do. (If your province doesn't charge per month fees they'll get it out of you in taxes which are quite high btw). Now say you have 1 billion people who pay in 1 dollar a piece. Then you have 600 million people who each need $1 dollars a month in medical services. Then you have 20 million people who need $3 dollars a month's worth. Five million people need an average of $5 a month. Then you have this smaller group of people who have some chronic condition or a life threatening situation that is going to cost $100 dollars a month. You have 1000 doctors to treat all these people and three MRI machines. Doctors get paid according to the number of patients they treat. What do you think is going to happen? Mind you it is illegal to get medical care privately....

If there isn't enough money to cover all the costs what do you do? Raise taxes? Charge more fees? Control real tightly how those funds are spent and for what? Who don't you treat and when don't you treat them?? What if they are reaaaally old and get a very costly condition?
What if they have a disease that there is no diagnostic test for and can't be 'proven' ? What if the doctors don't recognize that illness as a 'real one' ?

Something does need to be done to help those who aren't insured, are unemployable, and can't afford to pay out of pocket... but do they really want a system where there are long waiting lines, no alternatives, and perhaps even won't recognize the very condition/illness they have?

And they think I'm nuts??

(pssss...p.s. Dr, I heard a rumor that Michael escaped from the confinement ward last month.)

Ms Teree