Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Not So Insane Financial Advice aka How to decide if you really need that yellow duckie

Here in my one lucid moment I thought I'd share some sage economic advice, the perfectly sane way to decide if one really needs that $300 purse or another one of those little yellow duckies.

Most people think in terms of cost. They compare what they think is 'regular price' to the 'sales price'. Thing is you never really know what regular price is because it seems things go on sale for 20 - 5% off sometimes. So how do you really know if it's a good buy or not?

And money seems to go something like this: "Is there any checks left in my checkbook?" or "Have I reached my limit on my Visa yet?" Oh yes, paper can sure seem unlimited.

There's a much better method and those of us who are chronically ill/disabled with CFS, FM understand this one probably better than anyone else: how much energy do you have in your day? For well folks in this scenerio you can translate it to "How many hours can I work in my week?" (there is a limit of what one can do). Since the amount of time and / or energy is indeed limited and it has to cover certain priorities (hopefully) first it works well to first figure out how many hours it will take to cover those necessities, and then how many you have left. Then figure out how many hours you will need to work to pay for desired item.

When it occurs to you that you'll have to work 324 hours that week to pay for everything you will easily know you really can't afford that 101st little yellow duckie no matter how cute he looks floating in your bubbles!

Dr W and Duckie

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Now This Is Really Insane!

And they thought we were nuts? Ya, right! Just take a look at what being truely insane is: State denies cancer treatment, offers suicide instead

Yes sir. There is coming a day (oops, that's right. It's here already!) when they will determine it is cheaper to do us in, convincing us to do the doing of course so their hands are clean, than to treat us.

This is government health care. A sample version of what Universal Health Care would be like---- Gotta save money ya know.

Now I know my thinking is backwards from just about everyone who watches television much, but to my way of thinking it seems a bit nuts to fight to save the polarbears while killing off the babies and the sick and think you're doing something fine.