Monday, July 06, 2009

Is Your Sanity Questionable? (prove you're sane!)

It's here! Get your own certificate of sanity now! As head of Sunnydale Funnyfarm I have made certificates available that you can frame and prove that you really aren't quite as nutzoid as some may say. Besides, after the months of therapy we've had together at Sunnydale while you were residing in the wards you've made great improvement. Honestly you have. (It's just that the rest of the world is quite insane these days, which is why you seem so odd to them!)

A sample of the certificates are available on Zona's Zone. Just email Zona with your order and it will be sent to you in pdf form for to print!

(great fun gifts for friends and family members too!)

Dr. Wolfgang Wisenheimer
Head Shrink
Sunnydale Funnyfarm