Friday, May 11, 2012

Martha's New Blog

Something new is in the air we are sharing - Martha's new blog, "Sharing Air". Martha has much experience with MCS, unfortunately. She's a christian writer whose family were missionaries in Peru when she developed MCS. She also has FM and lyme so she fully understands what all those of us with these difficult chronic illnesses are going through. I'm sure her new blog with be both informative and interesting and I highly recommend taking a trip over there and taking a peek real soon! :)

She's been a member of the CMCS-ei chronic illness list (on and several others for many years. There we have shared the trials of living with MCS and other illnesses, shared treatment helps and woes as well as good old fashioned friendly Christian fellowship.

Martha spent the last several years researching for the book she's written on MCS, which I hope you will find on a bookshelf in the Christian book store near you one of these days soon. This is a different kind of book on MCS then you will have seen before :)


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