Thursday, May 05, 2011

Best Used By...Yesterday! (Oldies Are Goodies? Aka Programming for the young and misinformed)

I'm stunned! Perplexed! Surprised?

After a short chat with yet another young person in my family I've discovered that it's not one errant child with a mental hang up as I first suspected but rather a conspiracy invented by some mad, awful, lunatic devised to drive parents up the wall (and burn holes in their pocketbooks).

It seems that somewhere (I do have my suspicions on where this stems from) these kids have been (mis)informed as 'scientific fact' (isn't about everything with kids today, [when quoted to parents anyway] so called 'scientific fact' as proven by some study [or so they claim] or another)

[*insert note here: to read and understand my posts and realize the thought flow, or lack thereof... the meanderings of my mind and how/why it oft times gets derailed... you must understand the -sort of
mathmatical - use of paranthesis and brackets. Ok so I have CFS and my brain mal functions. So what!

that those cryptic numbers stamped or printed on various food substances coming from the local grocers are not just 'best used by' dates but rather "if you dare to eat this on the date shown or
after, you will undoubtably, absolutely, tragically turn into a very, very ill, (maybe die) sick, squirming, queasy, gagging, gasping, quivery, green blob! Don't you dare let your parents tell you otherwise! They just want you to be sick. YOU, dear teenager are entitled to the very best HEALTHY foods (according to the gospel of hmmm... who would be promoting
this idea anyway???) they can buy--- and you can demand the rest be tossed aside... or better yet make THEM eat it.

Now on the surface this may just seem like some typically youthful "mom and dad don't know anything" rebellion thing. However, I suspect that it goes much deeper than that. Somehow I think that some unkind, plotting group with an agenda came up with this scheme after brainstorming into the wee hours of the morning one night trying to think up something so subtle, so devious that no one would ever connect the dots back to them and what their agenda really is.

Heaven help us all!

(and pray for the family and guard the milk!)

P.S. If you've come acorss this in your kids or some kid you know please comment. I want to know. If you haven't, ask them.

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