Monday, February 02, 2009

Go On A Faith Walk

Now more than any other time it is important to go on a faith walk. They say that exercise is good for you and walking, no matter how slow you need to go is an excellent way to get it. You can get a good look at your neighborhood, get to know the dogs, cats and children who live near you. But walks are more fun if you take someone else along. Many people walk their dogs, but do they walk their kids?

Did you know that walking helps reading? I suspect it may also do something in the brain that organizes memories...

As you go on your way observe all that the Lord has done around you and talk about it with your walk partner. He's a fantastic artist. Look at those beautiful clouds! He's faithful, always here with us, a healer, a friend, the Creator. With all the depressing things going on in the world today it helps to remind ourselves (and our children!) what the Lord has done.

There's no better time then while you're taking this walk to share memories about your own life with your children (or walk partner for that matter). Sometimes the memories we treasure most are those our parents shared with us about their own lives growing up.

This is the best prescription for therapy I can give you today. Try it!

Dr W

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