Thursday, January 11, 2007

The Sky Is Falling !

Birds pludging from the sky in Australia then in Austin with stinky bombs let loose in NYC ??

Ya know if it were scribbled on a napkin do ya suppose Austin and Australia would appear similar?

-Dick Tracy

(ya ya ya Dr W. I'll get back to the ward now)

Truth or Consequences

Being sick on top of being sick is the pits. For the last several days I've had the flu, the whole body, head to toe aching, stuffy headed, sneezing, sweating, vertigo producing too. Sacked out right next to me in the bed is hubby who's also feeling quite cruddy. Actually it was he who gave this unwanted gift to me! I feel miserable!

Called a relative tonight to see if I could beg a ride for my daughter to youth group explaining we had the flu. "What? I thought you had it last week", she said.

"No, this is the REAL flu," I said. "The over-a-week, coughing, sneezing, aching, sweating, queazy, dizzy, influenza type flu". I wanted sympathy in my misery and it was the truth! I was also hoping for some help with transportation.

Somehow I suspect that she figured that a. I had lied last week in order to get out of a command invite, or b. I must always lie because no one can have the flu that often! or c. I lie all the time and never have anything at all physically. That was the tone I heard in my ear anyway.

The fact of the matter is that the symptoms of CFS/ME are often very much like a virus, flu, and it's often just plain difficult to know for sure if it is a bug or just more of the same until other evidence somes along, like the symptoms disappearing or reports of others in the area having the same symptoms around the same period of time and THEY say they have a bug. However this time there was no mistaking this was something different that usual and much worse than the garden variety of 'bugs' that usually go around, even with CFS/ME.

Now I would have thought that as sick as I am I sure wouldn't need to convince anyone this time. Just listen to me! One peek at my face tells the story...but then it was over the phone I guess. Maybe I should have sent over the pillowcase still damp from my waking up soaked with sweat! Or the box of spent tissues next to the bed?

Daughter managed to find a ride with someone else. I could quip that I wonder what would happen if there was a catastrophe like a bad fire or something and we needed help, but I already know the answer to that one. Three months worth of smoke filled skies and two adults with MCS plus CFS/FM, one of them with horrid uncontrollable, wheezing cough that required an inhaler and no one to pick up the inhaler for us... Been there, done that already. I know the answer----

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Dopplegangers ?

From recent things I've read in the papers it has struck me that either Ms Pelosi and company have schzophrenia or have dopplegangers. Vat do you think?

Dr W

Ps. Back from my very long but necessary hiatus.