Saturday, March 07, 2009

Sing A Long Therapy

The news got you blue? The Dow got you down?
Lift up your face and turn around that frown!
Stand on your head
While you lay there in bed
Sing to your feet
Here is therapy that's neat !

Borrow yourself a nice copy of Micky Mouse Sing A Long with old classics like:

Zippity Do Dah (a sure fire spirit lifter!)
She'll Be Comin' Round The Mountain
and more !

Then make sure you, well, Sing A Long !

This is your therapy assignment which is sure to get your wardmates thinking they're as crazy as you are--- or maybe they will sing along with you? Who can resist?!

Dr W

Monday, March 02, 2009

Bulletin: Escaped !


To whom it may concern:

I've recieved several calls from concerned citizens alerting me to a bunch of escaped inmates from the funnyfarm. Upon further investigation I've determined that they are not wardmates from Sunnydale Funnyfarm but rather from some other nuthouse, most likely one that is home to those a bit more crazy than our wardmates here.

These escaped inmates were last seen on capital hill. They don't respond to anyone, appear to be deaf and dumb, however be assured they do have ears and eyes, they just don't seem to use them. (seems their brains aren't turned on either).

I do want to reassure our Sunnydale wardmates and those living in this vacinity that they are safe here. We're a long ways away from the white house.

Dr Wolfgang Wisenheimer