Monday, June 29, 2009

Save Us From Obamacare!

Although I know many think that universal health care would bring us all the goodies we so desperately need my gut tells me that just ain't so. I think my gut is highly influenced by what my ears are hearing though.

How can you take x number of Drs and divide them into aprox. 355k people (the population of the US minus the 40 mil. they claim don't have health care), and think that you can add another 40k people without adding more Drs and think you're going to get the same care? Of course there is no way to know if those 40 million actually don't go to a Dr at any time for any reason right now.

Where's the logic in thinking that if the government somehow provides, mandates or requires insurance that the insurance will be any cheaper? or better? Seems when the government does anything it becomes more expensive. Someone has to pay be it through taxes or directly out of pocket via paychecks or savings accounts...

And just what is this bit "Evidence Based Outcomes" anyway? Given what it sounds like we all who have MCS and/or CFS are in big trouble. The CDC barely even recognizes these as real physical illnesses now and has put so little into good research. So where is the 'evidence' for these illnesses and where is the evidence for 'affective treatments' that aren't what they call a waste of money, 'no proof' aka evidence of improving much less curing these conditions. After all remember they are looking for 'a quick fix', especially ones that will get the disabled back to work and out of everyone's hair and pocketbook...

And what about 'alternative health care', which, I don't know about you but has helped me much more than any AMA type of 'treatment'? Fat chance we'll see any of that provided for us!

Yes, something does need to be done to bring down health care costs. I can think of a few things that may help and I do think we need to start by doing what we could do that wouldn't hurt anyone - baby steps. There are several.... like how about opening up some medical schools to twice the number of students they are giving seats to today??? That would be a great start.

Until convinced otherwise I believe that government run health care means less freedom in health care AND rationed health care. I'm rationed enough, thank you.

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