Saturday, July 22, 2006

Goldielocks -couch session

Dear Goldielocks,

I can see why you need a bed. You seem to be suffering from extreme pickieitis. I could bearly tell that you have a hate-my-mother complex and am wondering if that's why you've taken to pilfering mutiple sized beds.

As for the grits versus porriage I'd be surprised that you'd actually recognize the difference most mornings.

I'm wondering why you don't mention your papa. But there's time to explore that later after you spend a bit of time with Alfrado down in the therapy room.

Meanwhile I'll arrange a bed for you on a suitable ward. Please check in all sharp objects and medications, including the acne cream please. I'll have Brunhilda bring you two lollipops and see you in the morning.

Dr. W

PS. What did you do to Teddy?


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